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Christmas Memories

This is where I'm going to add content about the different movies, images and other things that really make Christmas special to me. Eventually, I'm hoping to set this up to accept your favorite memories that you want to share with us. But for now.........


It's hard to pick my favorite Christmas movie. There are just too many. There are a lot of versions of "A Christmas Carol". Did1951-xmas-humbug-scrooge.jpg you know that the real name of the movie is "Scrooge" ? "A Christmas Carol" is the name given to the remakes that were made here. The movie was first made in Great Britain. I think the absolute scrooge-6.jpgbest version is the one that star's Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge.  He gives the best performance that I've seen.The scene where Jacob Marley's ghost visits Ebenezer, to warn him of his fate if he didnt straighten up, is classic. Jacob's scream gives me chills every time i hear it ! Its in black and white, but, aren't most of the classics in black and white ?