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I always enjoy hearing from all who have visited the website or the display. After a long day of putting out lights and wiring, this is where I come to remind myself of one of the reasons I do the display each year; the joy it brings to so many! If you would like, please scroll down and leave me a comment.

Posted by George on
Thyno, my family and I went and visited your display this evening and thought it was amazing! We really enjoyed it and think it's great that you're collecting money for such a worthy cause. Merry Christmas!
Posted by Josh on
Thyno, This is great! Fantastic Job!
Posted by Brittany Christen on
Every year for the past 3 years, my children and I have come by and watched the lights. It's amazing what you've done and are doing. As a child my parents would take me for ice cream and we would drive around for hours looking at Christmas lights, a tradition that I have continued with my children. I love seeing the lights! Keep up the good work! God Bless!
Posted by Reagan Steele on
You did it again! The display looks and sounds great. Thank you for your efforts and your genorosity to such a great cause.
Posted by carla on
I'm so sad to see the lights come down. Thank you for another great year of festive lights and affordable entertainment! I'm glad you agree to continue doing it each year. There is another family in Texas who's lights remind me of yours.
Posted by Smithk391 on
I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I'll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!
Posted by Ann on
Wow...Christmas was only three weeks ago and I miss it and the beautiful lights displays. You did a wonderful job this year on the lights. I wish you would have displayed the a little longer. However, thank you for the time you did. Look forward to Christmas 2015!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Grace Sexton on
Good morning,
Just wanted to say what an amazing job you have done with your display. Me and my daughters enjoyed it and they had never heard the charlie brown explanation Of Christmas, thank you they loved it. We will be back every year.
Posted by Joy C on
Your dancing lights display is one of the highlights for my family every year. It's been about 3 years now and it never gets old. Love it and the the fact that you have used it as a platform to bring awareness to Agape. God bless and Merry Christmas!
Posted by Susan Kynard Deavers on
Thyno, thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us. We enjoy riding by each year leaving with smiles! God bless and keep! Your friend, Susie
Posted by Jack & Linda Jackson on
Thank You so much for taking the time to put up the lights and put this all together we had a small bus that was full of children with eyes wide open and mouth too. I think the adults enjoyed it just as much. One of the adults made the statement "This has put me into the Christmas spirit". Thank you for reminding us the reason for the season. God Bless you and your family.
Posted by Barbara Ann Ewer on
Thank you once again Thyno for all you do for all of us at Christmas and the time you spend planning! You are greatly appreciated! Congratulations on 10 years of making Christmas magic for so many!

You are the BEST!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Mrs. Ewer
Posted by William on
Thank you for showing the Christmas spirit each year and blessing our community. My family and I look forward to seeing your lights each year. It lifts our spirits and reminds us of of the joyous season. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and an excellent New Year.
William & Michelle
Posted by Kasi Stephens on
I heard about your light through a friend and had to come see for myself, and I was truly impressed!!!! I will be back every year!!!
Posted by Manda on
I found your house tonight by happy accident! I also broke one of the rules (unknowingly of course)- we turned around in the dead-end. When we visit again, we'll be sure to heed that rule. Thanks so much for this gift.
Posted by Danny White on
Tonight was the my first time to see the Lights! It was awesome! Thanks for putting all of it together.
Posted by Rachael Mann on
Thank you so much for taking your time every year to do this for the river region. This was the first time my son (3), my husband and I have seen your lights and my son enjoyed every minute of it. He was upset when it was over and we had to leave to allow others to get their chance. We plan to make this a must stop every year. Again, thank you for sharing with us, it was beautiful.
Posted by Darrell Causey on
You obviously have many tremendous talents Thyno (and an enormous amount of patience). The website as well as both the inside and outside of your house were all amazing. We should all be as concerned as you and your family in helping to promote the joy and meaning of Christmas. Wishing you the best for the holiday season.
Posted by Jon Haga on
Awesome website and your house display is beautiful. I ived in Montgomery between 1992-1998. I definitely need to come and visit sometime during the holidays!
Posted by Caroline Wilder on
I absolutely love your light show. I enjoy going to it every year. I would not miss it for anything. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas!
Posted by Pam on
Your display is always beautiful and makes Christmas! During this time of economic difficulty, high unemployment, foreclosures.......what delight your show brings to all economic levels. It makes one forget their problems ! Shame on the HOA for not thinking of the delight of others this holiday season! Thank you for all your hard work!
Posted by The Donaldson's on
We heard about the controversy this year and just had to come see this years display. We loved The Grinch and just wish that we had seen the display in previous years. I hope you are able to do this for many years to come and look forward to hopefully being able to see the more elaborate displays.
Posted by Anthony Hill on
Great display. My family and I enjoy watching it every year.
Posted by Carol on
I read about your lights online yesterday. It is so sad that some people cant allow the Christmas spirit shine. Looking at your website, you have brought such joy to so many people during Christmas. God Bless you and dont let them turn out your lights. Let the visitors stand with you and fight for your Christmas gift the the community.
Posted by Amanda on
Thanks Thyno for allowing us to play in your front yard last night and take pictures with your gorgeous lights!!!! :) Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!
Posted by Brenda on
I visited your neighborhood last night. I was with my daugther, son-in-law and two grandchildren (Carlie (3) & Johnny 22 months old). They were so amazed at the lights and music. I loved the expression on Johnny's face. No words can describe the enjoyment I had watching my two grandbabies enjoying the lights and music.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Brenda, Jennifer, Keith, Carlie & Johnny
Posted by Lights on Douglas on
We aplaud what you are doing! We have a small display using LOR and only 16 channels, we know what kind of time and effort go into making all this possible. Don't give up and we hope you are back to your normal routine next year!
Merry Christmas!
Toni and Dennis
Posted by The Harvey Family on
I just wanted to let you know how much we love your displays of Chirstmas light, even thou we don't live in AL. I truely love watching all of the videos and your stroy. I came across this story of how your neighborhood trying make you stop your displays. Please fight this as it is your right to show your love and passion of Christmas, as it is mine or anyone else right to do so. and if you need donation to fight it, I bet you would get alot help including us. So again thank you and Merry Christmas and may GOD bless you and your family.
Posted by Patty Mozingo on
Merry Christmas!
Posted by Kristi on
I love your light display and website!

Merry Christmas!
Posted by Donna Turberville on
Sorry about all your troubles. It is a shame these people are thinking only of themselves and not the joy you brought to many. Merry Christmas friend!
Posted by The Rech Family on
Please don't listen to those "Scrooges" in your neighborhood! My son is 12 and every year since he was 3 it's been a tradition to come by your house to see the lights and hear the music at Christmas (sometimes more than once). We make it a family outing with dinner beforehand. We all pile in the car with hot chocolate and come to your house. Some people just ruin a good thing. Tell your neighbor to go jump in a lake and Bahhh humbug!!! Merry Christmas!
Posted by Tonya Generally on
I want to say thank you for all your family has done showing Christmas spirit.I know it is hard work to put up lights and putting up with thousands of people staring at your house every night.Thank you for giving us somewhere to go with our families that everyone can hear the true meaning of Christmas.I applaud you for finding a way to give back to your community by taking donations for Charities with great sacrifice on your part.If you need people to band together to fight for your light display against the HOA let us know.We will fight with you.I hope even if you have had to scale back that the message of the true meaning of Christmas can still be said with your display.May God bless your family during this Christmas and in years to come.
Posted by Jacquelin Twiss on
Love the idea of the song you will be playing. So perfect. Hopefully next year you can go back to the old display.
Posted by Josef on
Thanks for your great display. I'm sorry that some petty Harper Valley P.T.A. types have such a problem with a seasonal display of love. My family and I certainly enjoy the results of the hard work you put in each year. Thank you.
Posted by Chelsea on
Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your display for the pasy few years and love it! Came by last night and saw the different set up and then read what went on with the HOA. I was sorry to hear how things were handled. However, I commend you on the reason why you do it, the people you help and all the joy it brings so many of us! Thank you for all your hard work for putting together these displays, I have yet to be disappointed :)
May God Bless you!!
Posted by Margaret Sidaris Holmes on
We enjoy the light display and love the webpage. I especially like the photo of you and your sisters and parents in front of the fireplace at 101 Arden. I know you grew up there as did my children. My best to your parents. Merry Christmas! Love, Cousin Margaret
Posted by Candace on
Although it's January, I'm still missing Christmas terribly. I can relate to what you were saying about how hard it is to turn the corner to your street and not see all the spectators and lights dancing. You've done a great job at providing a low cost Chrismas show for the public.

Merry Christmas!
Posted by Stephanie Ayers on
I love your website...wish my family and I could have seen your light display in person!
Posted by Roland Hempup on
Hey Thyno, my brother and I were going to get some milk when he suggested I turn into your neighborhood to see your light show. He and his friend made a tradition of it back when you first started. Needless to say when I turned the corner and saw the spectacle of lights my jaw dropped. It was truly AMAZING! The synchronization with the music blew my mind. Thank you very much for your wonderful christmas spirit and message. I hope to see many more in the future. Merry Christmas, Roland
Posted by Lissa on
Thyno, Carmen and I came by and visited for a while last night. It was her first time......needless to say, we both enjoyed the show! The lights, the music and the message really brings out the best in all of us. Jesus is the reason for the season. Thanks for the heart warming message. Merry Christmas, Lissa
Posted by Bertie Gros on
Merry Christmas from Marrero, Louisiana (westbank of New Orleans) I absolutely love, positively love the music that is playing when I came on to your site. It is just so cheery and brought tears to my eyes. I was remembering the Christmas's of long ago of when our 6 children were little tiny things and Don and I were young. We were married 45 years this past May. I hope that you have a very wonderful and blessed Christmas with you and your family. Give your parents a special hug for me. I really miss mine. May God be with each of you. Most very sincerely, Bertie
Posted by Anna Lee Ingalls on
Merry Christmas Thyno!

Always remember that the Family Sunshine Center loves you more than you will ever know!

To all who are guests on this website and/or visited Thyno's display and certainly to anyone who contributed to our mission, we thank you a thousand times over.

Thyno came into our life totally unannounced and completely humble. Despite four consecutive years of his incredible generosity, it is hard to comprehend the selfless gift he offers, yet the realization of his faith in the Christ Child makes it crystal clear. His service to the many women and children who seek our assistance because of violence and to so many more who enjoy the true celebration Christmas perfectly emulates His commandment to “love thy neighbor as thyself.".

Each year the staff of the Family Sunshine Center finds an increasingly tender appreciation for Thyno’s annual Christmas display of lights and so much more to the broader community.

To close 2009 we thank you from the bottom of our hearts Thyno and wish you the very best in 2010!

Peace and love from everyone
Family Sunshine Center
Posted by Philip Christopher Davis Sr. on
Saw your display twice this year. I think the young folks over use the word "awesome,"
But it seem to apply here.
Posted by MJ on
My family and I have been enjoying your ligh display for 3 years now. I'm interested in knowing how I would go about obtaining a shortwave radion frequency? I'd like to try my own light display in the future; of course I'm sure it wouldn't compare to yours (lol).

Keep up the good work!
Posted by Maria on
My Uncle Thyno is unquestionably the Santa Claus of our family, and I'm sure you can see why... his love of Christmas and giving spirit is clear whether you're just visiting his website or meeting him in person! The light display is truly amazing and if you are in the Montgomery area around Christmas time, it is a must-see. I'm so proud of you, Theo Thyno Claus! I love you!
Posted by Kris Trotman on
I think I am the only person in Montgomery that had not seen your display. Well, this year I did! It was FANTASTIC, AMAZING, I cannot believe that you did all of that yourself. Cant wait until next year. Merry Christmas
Posted by Bob T. on
Mr. Zgouvas,

My family and I enjoy seeing your display every year. I am amazed about the amount of work you put into setting up such a wonderful display year after year. Thank you for taking the time to set up your display each year. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Posted by Mom on
Just wanted to say how proud of you I am that you do so much for the people of Montgomery, The Sunshine Center and for the love of our Lord. I, for sure, know the time and effort you put into this and how difficult it is, but it is wonderful because you bring such joy to everyone that watches it. I only wish I could be out there with you every night and watch the faces, smiles and bright, wide open eyes of everyone in awe of such a display.

Love you and God Bless You Always.
Posted by Jenny M on
As a resident of Eastern Forest, I've always loved your lights! I loved your house the most even before you animated them (I always liked colorful lights and you were the only one in the neighborhood to have them)! Me and my family always stop by at night for a few minutes when we enter and leave our house! Thank you for sharing the Christmas spirit!!
Posted by Jennifer on
What an awesome ministry! I could sit in front of your house for hours, but I don't think the people waiting in line would appreciate it:) Thank you for the wonderful display - my whole family truly enjoyed viewing your home.
Posted by Terrelle Lewis on
Hello. Just wanted to say that my friend heard about this display and we decided to bring our children (four daughters) to see your lights. I must say that we were fascinated and probably watched the show for 15-20 minutes. You did a wonderful job and we will definitely visit again in the future!!!
Posted by Kim McKinley on
Love the website! The work and creativity you put into your displays are impressive and so enjoyable to so many. Your faith is even more impressive.

Merry Christmas
Posted by AJM on
Wonderful!!!!! Light Display (War Eagle)
Posted by Amy Gaddis Singletary on
Hello Thyno -
Hope you remember me from my friendship with Joanna and your family. I love your website and glad to reconnect with entire the Zgouvas family. Joanna posted this on Facebook and glad I found it! Merry Christmas and God Bless you all! Give hugs to everyone! Amy Gaddis Singletary
Posted by Silver Fox on
Lieut. T, you have absolutely outdone yourself. I am impressed!
Posted by peppy on
Thyno, Thyno, what can a sister say to let her brother know how very proud she is of ALL THAT YOU DO!!! You are amazing and I love your website! ((the picture of us brings back memories lol)You have everything covered-- my only regret is I won't be there to see it live. I can dream..... I love you so much! We love you!! Peppy and Tommy
Posted by Joanna on
Thyno, you really outdid yourself. This site is another great work of yours. You don't take shortcuts do you? Can't wait to see the display again this year and spend Christmas with you, Mom and Dad. We love you! xo
Posted by pat watkins on
What a wonderful present to the City and beyond. Wouldn't miss this for anything. Bringing 45 Sunday School class members by in the Church bus Saturday. Proud to show off your masterful work!!
We appreciate your friendship. Joe and Pat Watkins
Posted by Mira on
Nice site, Thyno. Great family pic and sentiment. What makes this truly wonderful is that someone as busy as you takes time out to do something so nice for other people. You're one in a million. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Posted by T Vickrey on
I so enjoy riding by to see the lights.It ia always awesome!

Posted by Stephanie Bragg on
As always the lights are beautiful. We have an added family Christmas tradition now thanks to your display. The relentless time and effort you put into this year after year should remind all of us what the season is all about. Thank you so much Thyno and Merry Christmas.
Posted by kathryn malo on
Thyno, Love the site and your Christmas Spirit! Thank you for sharing it!!
Posted by Catherine Sideris on
Thyno, Zoe and I enjoyed the videos, she was thrilled with the lights, I only wish I could find time to zip over to Montgomery to see the lights in person. Merry Christmas!
We love it!
Cathy and Zoe
Posted by Kathleen Eiring on
Fantastic, Thyno!! Coming to your house soon to see all the beautiful lights dancing in the sky!!!
Posted by William Uzelac on
Hey! This looks great. William and I just went through it and he read your home page to me...SO CUTE - the photograph is too funny! REALLY NICE WORK HERE. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less. So proud of you. You're such a sweet brother.
Love you!!
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