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Visiting Tips




I’m glad to have you visit the display !! 99 out of 100 people have always been fantastic guests, but there are always one or two that ruin it for others, most of the time without even realizing it. Please take a minute and read this to familiarize yourself about your visit. It will make viewing and getting in and out of the neighborhood a lot easier for you. 

Please try and remember that I live here every day and that some of the residents aren’t real big fans of the display. They all seem to enjoy the lights; It’s the traffic that occasionally upsets a few of them. When viewing the display, you'll hear an introduction. In it, he mentions a few easy rules to follow. By following these rules, it makes viewing the display a great experience for all and the residents of Eastern Forest very happy.

Please be patient. There are two ways to view the display. The usual way is to turn right on to Mossy Oak drive after turning into Eastern Forest. The second way is to continue straight instead of turning right.  Remember, Mossy Oak Dr is the street you're turning onto when entering Eastern Forest. It makes a complete circle through the subdivision. You can not get lost. Following it will bring you around to the front of the display, just on the opposite side of the road. Traffic moves through fairly quickly. 


Please do not block any driveways. Please, do not use driveways to turn around in, and do not turn around in the dead end. Of all the complaints that I get, those 3 are probably the most mentioned. Mossy Oak Dr makes a complete circle around the subdivision. You can not get lost. It will only take an extra 30 seconds to drive through the neighborhood. There are lots of other really nice displays to see, so take your time and enjoy the other decorations.


Please do not pull directly in front of the house to view the display. View the display only from the opposite side of the street. If you drive up directly in front of my house, it blocks EVERYBODY'S view and it makes it harder for the residents to travel the street.

Please keep your cars close to the curb. This allows residents to drive down the street to their homes.

Please turn your headlights off and use your parking lights. Its very hard for the person in front of you to watch the display when headlights are glaring into their car and mirrors.

Please do not litter !! You wouldn’t like it if somebody pulled up to your house and started throwing trash in your yard.

Please, if you get out of your vehicle to make a donation or to look closer at the display, be extremely careful.

Never, ever, EVER, walk out into the display. There is a lot of wire in the front yard, with a lot of electricity running through it, not to mention that its a tremendous tripping hazard. 

Please keep your radios turned down to a reasonable level, especially those subs.


Please take your time, use common sense, and it will make for a fantastic experience for all !